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Schik, Kathrin


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Chrispell, Joshua


Anh Yêu Em

windkraftbetriebene Tattoo- Maschine

The art piece was originally about a dull, blue pain, but as I completed the art object, sandblasting the stainless steel and tattooing myself with it, I realized that everything ...

Großhaus, Jörg



Die Wind-Skulptur „aerotatio“ hat ihren Anfang im Suchen und Konstruieren einer transparenten, leichten (Gewicht), „einfachen“ und klaren Bildhauerform. Bei der Ausführung war für mich eine grundsätzlich ...

Dobriban, Emil



I will use branches, twigs of different thicknesses. It will be a Undulating movement wings on the wind. Will be not really fixed, but only 2 support piles, stuck in the ground. Between supports, branches will undulate. I wish I co ...

Hamasaka, Wataru


listen to the breath of the wind, is there a sculptur

Behavior and of the human body, recognized by the small sculpture that assumes, is portable in a pocket in which the acoustic environment as the theme. Sculpture is not just only as ...

Macher Nesta, Karen


ready to fly

This project is about being limitless and feeling free. I understand freedom by developing my own wings with experiences and cherished moments. Those changing horizons experiences we carry with us for life every oportunity, every ...