"Who can dance with the winds" - Artworks for 8th "moved wind" were chosen

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For the 8th art competition "moved wind" about the theme "changing horizons" the organizers received 158 applications from artists from 25 countries and 4 continents. On the diversity of ideas and designs from a Dada poem to a flight performance could be seen how many exciting aspects the competition theme includes. Changing views and experiences, uncertainty and enrichment, departure and disappearance edited the artists in their designs.

For the jury, experienced, international land art artists were engaged.
Carlotta Brunetti (artist and winner of the 4th moved wind 2008), Jarek Lustych (artist) selected the exhibits for the landscape exhibition along with Reta Reinl (artist, curator "moved wind").
They met for three days in Lichtenfels to come to know in detail all applications and make a selection.

At the 3 Hessian venues as Offenberg and Rocholl Park in Hofgeismar and Burgberg in Trendelburg-Deisel more than 80 works will be presented. In summer installations, objects and sculptures, performances and actions can be experienced as well as videos and an extensive supporting program.

bw16 M Klant Wer tanzen kann k4 

A flight action with the quote "Who can dance with the winds" of a Nietzsche poem is the idea of ​​the artist Michael Klant. In this ode Nietzsche used the wind as a metaphor for courage for the freedom of art and mental agility.
"Mistral wind, you Cloud Hunter, | Tribulation Killer, sky-broomer, | roaring one, how I love thee! ...
We dance in a thousand ways, | Free is our art | Cheerful our science! ...
Who cannot dance with winds | ... Who is there like the hypocrites, | Honor-dolts, Virtue geese | take them out of our Paradise "!
Friedrich Nietzsche: On the Mistral, first published in 1887 in "Songs of Prince Outlaw"

bw16 Amna Jawad Wind Tower Night shot k1   bw16 Amna Jawad Wind tower k2

Another example of the presence of the wind in many cultures is the work of Amna Jawad from Dubai. She has collected 160 different Arabic expressions for wind. She will build the installation "The Wind Tower - Barjeel" that picks up this element of traditional Arabic architecture and plays with the different elements.

The work "Auditorium" of the Estonian artists Katri Pekri and Alide Zvorovski takes up the issue as static. 300 porcelain chairs will be fixed and will invite to a mental perception of the landscape.

For more information on all participating artists will soon be on the website www.bewegter-wind.de and on the facebook page “bewegter wind”. There you can sign also for a free newsletter.


The selection panel:

Carlotta Brunetti
Born in Milan / Italy, now lives near Munich, studying art history and history of art criticism in Florence and Munich, she was at Munich Art Academy, City and Guilds in London, then studied with Michael Croissant at the Art Academy Frankfurt / Main, Städelschule 1976, master student.

Jarek Lustych
Born in Poland, is a visual artist.
He received his MFA degree from Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.  After his fifteen-year career following his basic training – printmaking, working in a confined space, he decided it was time for some change and enriched his work with an extra dimension. Since, he gladly participated in several international site-specific symposiums & AiR Programmes making sculptures,
installations and organizing street actions/interventions.

Reta Reinl
is an artist and curator. Working freelance since 1981 / as a curator since 1992 / collaborations and working stays in Europe / West Africa / South India, South America // exhibitions in Germany and abroad // works in public and private spaces // workspaces: textile objects, installations, wind drawings and - objects, conceptual art, intercultural communication, design and implementation of projects and exhibitions.