International Wind Art in Northern Hesse

9th wind art festival “moving wind” – "Clouds"
Aug. 19th - Sep. 2nd 2018

Whether a gentle breeze or a thundering storm, resting treetops or clouds chasing by - wind art is fleeting, can be experienced again and again and remains unfinished in a fascinating way.

"clouds" was the theme of the 9th art competition, which only exists in Northern Hesse. Out of 186 applications from 27 countries, 74 were selected and realized. Objects, installations, performances and videos were shown at Katzenstein in Habichtswald, at Dörnberg in Zierenberg and at the Habichtswald Nature Park Centre.
The artists found a variety of interpretations on the theme "clouds". The aspects of meteorology, metaphor, social cloud and cloud computing became tangible in the interplay of landscape, sky and art. In tropical summer weather, the numerous visitors discovered the surreally beautiful mountain ranges of the Habichtswald and stunning views together with new art aspects and experiences.

This documentation with photo and film - DVD, print products, PR-press list, texts and information - conveys the impression of a fabulous festival summer.

bewegter wind e.V. would like to thank all artists, sponsors, partners and helpers for their great commitment and their contribution to the success!

Many thanks for marvellous photos of:
Wigand Bürgener / Heidi Etzbach / Karin Franzisky / Eike Geertz / Catharina Geraedts / Britta Hartmann-Barth / Gerard Herlink / Winfried Junker-Schönfelder / Bärbel Kandziora / Dorothea Kirsch / Holger König / Marcel Kopp / Wilfried Kraus / Raphaela Kula / Marc Limousin / Gabriele Nippel / Heidi Preiss / Reta Reinl / Joachim Römer / Kathrin Schik / Constanze Schüttoff / Horst Siebert / Volker Siesenop / Uwe Thon / Ralf Witthaus / Kathrin Zander //

With kind support of:
Landkreis Kassel // Kasseler Sparkasse // Stadt Zierenberg // Gemeinde Habichtswald // Naturpark Habichtswald // EAM // Bundesverband Windenergie // Stadtwerke Wolfhagen // ART-regio - SV Sparkassenversicherung // AGiL //

on Sunday, August 19th 2018, at 11am

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear friends of the wind art,

on Sunday, August 19th 2018 the 9th wind art festival "bewegter wind" will be opened with the theme "clouds".
The variety of ideas on the different aspects of clouds is stunning. The topic includes meteorology, freedom symbolism, climate change, society, politics and poetry.
With these links you can get a first impression and find out the locations of the works of art: Flyer "clouds

We want to invite you to the opening on Sunday, August, 19th at 11 am at Katzenstein (near Habichtswald-Dörnberg on the street B251 towards Kassel)!
After the opening and the tour at Katzenstein we will meet at the bus stop Alpenpfad at about 2:30 pm to continue the tour.
The video contributions are to be seen from 10 am to 5 pm in the nature park center Habichtswald, Auf dem Dörnberg 13, Zierenberg.

We would be happy to welcome you in this wonderful landscape and walk with you in the clouds! Think of suitable footwear! The paths are signposted and marked with blue ribbons.

Many greetings

Reta Reinl

Landscape and cloud art

More than 300 visitors at the opening of the "bewegten winds 2018

Zierenberg / Habichtswald. Not a cloud in the sky - but a lot of cloud art between heaven and earth: The opening of the 9th wind art festival "bewegter wind" last Sunday attracted more than 300 visitors to the communities Habichtswald and Zierenberg. In bright sunshine and light wind, curator Reta Reinl and 64 artists from 21 countries presented this year's works to the press, sponsors and visitors. "We are delighted that so many guests took the opportunity to get to know the artists during our opening tour. Because their explanations open up a special access to the works and their backgrounds", reports Reta Reinl. And she adds: "This is particularly worthwhile because our central theme 'clouds' has generated such complex ideas: From childishly naïve cloud gazing to purely meteorological observations to criticism of global environmental policy, there are many aspects to be discovered in cloud art!

On the trail of the clouds - for another two weeks!

With regard to the sponsors of the wind art festival, Reta Reinl emphasizes: "The support of our sponsors this year makes the ninth edition of our wind art festival possible at all - therefore I would like to thank the district of Kassel, the city of Zierenberg, the municipality of Habichtswald, the nature park Habichtswald, the Kasseler Sparkasse, EAM, the Bundesverband Windenergie, the Stadtwerke Wolfhagen as well as art regio - SparkassenVersicherung on behalf of the Bewegten wind e.V.".

Sunday is performance day

Sunday is performance day

Starting with both feet firmly on the ground, the Swiss artist and performer Adriano Cangemi in his spectacular performance "NAGUAL - Moved by the wind" swings himself further and further into airy heights until he finally seems to melt with the clouds. In her performance, German artist Raphaela Kula seeks the perfect place to peer into the clouds. Ralf Witthaus, artist from Germany, has created a special combination of performance and installation: His - already completed - lawnmower drawing "The Cloud" on the help stones was created together with local volunteers and creates local references. The campaign was supported by the company STIHL. Ton Oostveen, Kaspar König and Harold van Ingen and their team will bring sounds out of the clouds with "Musical Kites" based on a score.

Catalog download "Clouds / clouds" , 2018

Dear friends of wind art,

we are very disappointed ourselves that due to a lack of printing we can only offer you the catalogue of the current exhibition "Wolken/clouds" with impressive photos of the exhibits at Dörnberg and Katzenstein for sale from approx. 10.9.18.

We will be happy to make a note of your order and send it out immediately for a transfer of 5,00 €/ catalogue + 1,00 € postage. Please send orders with address information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Already now we can offer you the Download!


Excellent work, enthusiastic jury

This year's jury consisted of Monique Behr (art historian, curator of the Museum of Communication in Frankfurt), Achim Lengerer (Berlin artist and performer - known in Kassel for his work for documenta 14: "different time, different place, different pitch") and Joachim Römer (artist, bottle post collector and winner of the "bewegten winds 2010" award).
With regard to all the exhibits on display, the expert jury praised the careful and varied placement of the individual works at the exhibition venues Habichtswald Nature Park, around the Katzenstein in the municipality of Habichtswald and in the Dörnberg Nature Reserve along the Alpine path, the Helfensteinen and the Hohe Dörnberg. The jury also drew attention to the diversity of the materials used and the high level of interdisciplinarity

Exhibition Locations 2018