3rd prize: "tabula rasa | in wandlungsfreiheit" by Constanze Schüttoff

Constanze Schüttoff's work "tabula rasa I in wandlungsfreiheit" evokes with simple means the complex process of pausing again and again to reconsider one's path. The highly challenging character of the work is not exhausted by moving the white paper sheets. Playfully, one makes decisions and begins to think about which path one wants to take, about choice and possibility, about what one might influence with one's (spontaneous) decisions. As you walk through, you not only change the work, but you may be writing a different future based on your past choices.

How do I make my way? On the Kramberg, large white sheets of paper hung down between the trees, which visitors could move freely like curtains to playfully create ever new paths and possibilities. A work with a highly challenging character, for which the freelance artist Constanze Schüttoff from Radebeul received the third prize. The visitors' walking through the work changed it and awakened the desire for free, spontaneous decisions. At the same time, it encouraged people to rethink their own decisions. With simple but effective means, Schüttoff made it possible to experience that even small changes can lead to a new way of life. BThe third prize were worth 1,000 euros.

Exhibition Locations 2023