International Wind Art in Northern Hesse

7th wind art festival “moving wind” – "between"
Aug. 17th - 31th 2014
Windpark Söhrewald / Schenkelsberg in Kassel-Oberzwehren

On the subject of "between" the 7th art competition was announced and 140 submissions from 24 countries arrived. Nearly 60 exhibits were selected. Even the exhibition venues with the wind park Söhrewald and the "Schenkelsberg" in Kasse l- Oberzwehren offered contrasts between urban landscapes, forest paths and distant views.
The landscape exhibition showed wind objects, installations, performances and videos. Wind towers, Tornado sculptures, a relocated heart, huge QR codes, audio installations, waving black and white areas, cocoons between networks and so much more could be seen. Even the moment between life and death could be found in the winners work "To remember" of Hannah Streefkerk, an impressive silent work.
Wind art is staged in the landscape of Hesse and invites to discoveries between contemporary art and the natural element wind.
Organizer of the art competition and landscape exhibition is "moved wind" - registered association for the promotion of wind art and intercultural communication together with partners and helpers. Every two years the wind art festival takes place at different venues. The aim is to focus the Wind Art as fascinating and varied metaphor and offer art experiences in and with nature to create a platform for international wind art and initiate collaborations.

Many thanks to the committed photographers for the wonderful photos:
Anke Sauer / Bele Kreiss / Dorothea Kirsch / Gabriele Nippel / Heidi Preiss / Karin Franzisky / Kerstin Thon / Marcel Kopp / Monika Steiner / Sabine Lutter / Stefan Menkel / Reta Reinl / Uwe Thon / Vagaram Choudhary / Wigand & Löre Bürgener / Winfried Junker-Schönfelder / Yair Kira //

With kind support of:

SUN - Stadtwerkeunion Nordhessen // Kassel - documenta Stadt, Umwelt- und Gartenamt //  Kasseler Sparkasse // Bundesverband WindEnergie // Städtische Werke AG //  art regio- SV Sparkassenversicherung // wpd - think energy // Baureka // delta Waldeck-Frankenberg GmbH // Landkreis Kassel//


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