International Wind Art in Northern Hesse

6th wind art festival “moving wind” – "AIR conditions(s)"
Aug. 19th - Sep. 2nd 2012
Graner Berg und Windpark Istha in Wolfhagen / Kugelsburg Volksmarsen

Every two years art interacts with the wind in Northern Hesse. It addresses an exciting relationship to various landscape situations. The 6th time the wind art competition "moved wind" was announced internationally with the topic "AIR condition (s)". What conditions cause a change of atmosphere? How can you find an expression for these elementary and invisible relationships?
63 artists from 17 countries and 5 continents presented their works in the North Hessian districts Waldeck-Frankenberg and Kassel. Meteorological and metaphorical associations on the subject were presented with objects, installations, performances and videos on a fascinating visual axis through the varied landscape of Northern Hesse. Organizer of the contest and the exhibition is "moved wind" -Association for the promotion of wind art and intercultural communication, who organized the wind arts festival jointly with partners and volunteers.
With the guided tours for art lovers, wind energy supporters, kindergarten groups, cyclists, school children and nature tourists, there was a striking hilarity that accompanies obviously the wind art in landscape. The combination of art and landscape experience has again opened up new target groups.

Sincere thanks to the artists, sponsors, supporters, helpers and all those, who have realized "moved wind" 2012!

Many thanks to the committed photographers for the wonderful photos:
David Adamko / Walter Bornscheuer / Jochen Brinkmann / PJ Bruyniks / Dr. Wigand + Löre Bürgener / Claudia Döhne / Ernst-Winfried Döhne / Kirsten Haellegraeff / Irene Hänni / KuWi Julius / Winfried Junker-Schönfelder / Else Klinger-Jaeschke / Flounder Lee / Fred Luedi / Susanne Muller / Ursula Müller / Uwe Platz / Heidi Preiss / Reta Reinl / Dr. Carola Schneider / Monika Steiner / von den Künstlerinnen und Künstler //

With kind support of:

SUN-Stadtwerkeunion Nordhessen // Stadtwerke Wolfhagen // Kasseler Sparkasse // art regio –Sparkassenversicherung // Hotel Schloss Waldeck // CUBE // LK-Waldeck-Frankenberg // Sparkassen Kulturstiftung Hessen-Thüringen // Sparkasse Waldeck-Frankenberg // Stadt Bad Arolsen // LK Kassel // Stadt Volkmarsen // Stadt Wolfhagen // LAG Erneuerbare Energien // Kreishandwerker-schaft Waldeck-Frankenberg // delta Wa-Fkb GmbH // Mütze Textilband // Bundesverband Windenergie // wpd-think energy //

Since 2004, we have been working on providing new art, wind and nature experiences in ever new places in Northern Hesse.

Thanks to our long-standing sponsors and active supporters, the festival, which is unique in Germany, is free of charge for visitors and offers the artists an excellent opportunity for presentation.

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