Excellent work, enthusiastic jury

This year's jury consisted of Monique Behr (art historian, curator of the Museum of Communication in Frankfurt), Achim Lengerer (Berlin artist and performer - known in Kassel for his work for documenta 14: "different time, different place, different pitch") and Joachim Römer (artist, bottle post collector and winner of the "bewegten winds 2010" award).
With regard to all the exhibits on display, the expert jury praised the careful and varied placement of the individual works at the exhibition venues Habichtswald Nature Park, around the Katzenstein in the municipality of Habichtswald and in the Dörnberg Nature Reserve along the Alpine path, the Helfensteinen and the Hohe Dörnberg. The jury also drew attention to the diversity of the materials used and the high level of interdisciplinarity

Art is created together:

Thanks to the supporters and helpers Harald Kühlborn from the Kassel district, the award ceremony drew attention to the importance of the wind art festival for the region. He said: "We are delighted that the ninth edition of 'bewegten winds' took place in the district of Kassel - for our citizens as well as for guests it was a unique art and nature experience! The mayor of the city of Zierenberg, Stefan Denn, remarked: "Whether it was blue skies on opening day, chasing clouds at the performance day and nature park festival or rain showers at the end of the festival: the cloud exhibits invited visitors to discover our wonderful natural landscape again and again from new perspectives and against new backgrounds". Britta Hartmann-Barth, head of the Habichtswald Nature Park Centre, also looks back on the wind art festival with great satisfaction. "The theme of clouds has given us a completely new, sometimes astonishing view of the familiar landscape. The wind art festival has shown that art not only stimulates people to think about political issues, for example, but that art also brings people into conversation with each other: On the way from artwork to artwork, there have been numerous positive discourses and encounters - I was very impressed! The wind art festival "bewegter wind" could only be realised thanks to the support of sponsors and partners. That is why bewegte wind e.V. would like to express a big thank you to the district of Kassel, the municipality of Habichtswald, the Habichtswald Nature Park, the town of Zierenberg, the Kasseler Sparkasse, EAM, the Bundesverband Windenergie, the Stadtwerke Wolfhagen, art regio - SparkassenVersicherung and AGiL. Furthermore, curator Reta Reinl emphasizes: "At the end of our successful wind art festival we would also like to thank the numerous people who actively helped on site: For example, farmers who provided exhibition space, helpers during the construction weeks and, last but not least, numerous local residents who provided accommodation for the artists. All of them deserve our sincere thanks!
All participating artists are introduced in more detail here.

Exhibition Locations 2018