BesucherInnen bei der Führung vor der Installation „Wolken-Ballett G19“ von Jörg Großhaus Foto: Winfried Junker-Schönfelder

On the trail of the clouds - for another two weeks!

With regard to the sponsors of the wind art festival, Reta Reinl emphasizes: "The support of our sponsors this year makes the ninth edition of our wind art festival possible at all - therefore I would like to thank the district of Kassel, the city of Zierenberg, the municipality of Habichtswald, the nature park Habichtswald, the Kasseler Sparkasse, EAM, the Bundesverband Windenergie, the Stadtwerke Wolfhagen as well as art regio - SparkassenVersicherung on behalf of the Bewegten wind e.V.".

A jump into the cloud nest, huge data clouds, fluttering sails in the wind, clouds of letters, a colour-devouring cloud of fog and a tired cloud taking a break on the castle pond of Escheberg: The variety of the cloud art works is impressive. From the Zierenberg district to the Dörnberger Katzenstein, well-marked art routes invite you to walk and discover on your own. The "Outdoor Museum" is open until 2 September - free of charge and around the clock.

Exhibition Locations 2018