"Change?!" - Climate change from the perspective of international artists*.

Announcement of the 10th International Art Competition "bewegter wind" 2020 

Art meets nature: The wind art festival "bewegter wind", unique in Germany, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. It will take place from August 16th to 30st, 2020 at outstanding scenic locations in the Reinhardswald Nature Park - in the heart of Germany near Kassel. Now curator Reta Reinl has announced the theme of the festival: "Change?! She explains: "Climate change contains threatening, but also forward-looking aspects. Is apocalypse in sight? Or can we expect a variety of possible solutions to shape the future? The climate is changing. Meteorologically, but also socially. We are looking for drafts and concepts that make this change tangible."

On display are wind objects, installations, performances and LandArt in the widest sense. The positioning of the exhibits follows a dramaturgy. They are staged in special landscape situations. Reta Reinl emphasizes: " Diversity and cross-disciplinary thinking from all fields of art are welcome. We will also look for realization possibilities for unusual contributions together with the artists". The closing date for the ideas competition is  April 9th, 2020 and the artists* will be selected until May 1st, 2020.

Prize money and high attention

The exhibition is accompanied by a thematic supporting programme that invites visitors to discover the exhibits and the landscape. Organizer of the competition and the exhibition is "bewegter wind e. V. – registered association  to promote wind art and cross-cultural communication", which organizes the wind art festival together with partners and helpers. "About 15,000 people visited our wind art festival in 2018 - it was a complete success", reports the curator. Once again in this year, the festival is preceded by an ideas competition. A jury will select the most interesting exhibits, another jury will later find the prize winners. First place is endowed with 3,000 euros, followed by second place with 2,000 euros. Third place is rewarded with 1,000 euros, as is the special prize. The award ceremony will take place at the end of the festival, on August 30th, 2020.

Part of this extraordinary art event is the public build-up week before the festival begins: numerous art enthusiasts take the opportunity to see artists from all over the world working in and with the landscape and perhaps even to help with the build-up.

Climate and art: inner dynamics that move.

The climate system is changing - due to its own internal dynamics and through external drives such as the emission of greenhouse gases. Following the same principle of internal and external factors, art also contributes to societal changes: It gives rise to new ideas, reinforces developments and makes innovations visible. A discourse emerges that helps people to get off the beaten track of the climate debate and determine their own opinions. Playfully and based on curiosity - without raised forefinger.  

Are the images of (climate) change not only bleak, but also hopeful? Does change stand for innovation or can it also be backward-looking? How are participatory experimental spaces created? Where does the fresh wind that moves us come from, and when does it remain just a gentle breeze? Wind is a symbol for movement and change. Are these changes wanted, suffered, hated or longed for? Are we victims or cause of climate change - or both? These are the questions that the 10th edition of the moving wind is all about.


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