Foto by Reta Reinl

2nd prize (€2,000): Piotr Weselowski, Karola Konieczny and Aleksander Bryk "Catch me if you can"

The approximately 8 m high installation on the Helfenberg can be seen from afar. A scaffold encloses and fixes the hollow form woven from bamboo strips in the shape of a tornado, the tube-like end of which is connected to the ground. In one turn, the form widens upwards and is open to the sky.
The artist and the two artists have succeeded in expressing the destructive power of this wind phenomenon and at the same time giving form to the - mostly futile - human effort to tame and limit it.
In view of climate change and the associated increase in extreme weather, this installation has a powerful effect and political significance. The almost exclusive use of natural materials is consistent.

Jury text from the jurors.

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