Before the Wind - Foto by PRIMG

1st prize ( € 3,000) : Anne Heilmann, Before the Wind

The installation, which consists of two parts, is the artistic transfer of two sections of a weather map: a gust in the trade wind zone and a low-pressure area of the North Atlantic were depicted as a spatial drawing by linking ropes - special ropes that are traditionally used in sailing. In this way, a network was created, some with varying degrees of density, others completely open. Another component is the artist's own texts, which can be read on signs or heard via a QR code.
Inspired by a seven-month voyage on a sailing ship, the artist manages to combine the poetic language of her texts with the knotting work in a subtle and coherent way. Starting from her subjective experience, a work of art is created that touches and triggers associations when viewed and listened to. Weather and wind forecasts are of great importance not only for sailors, but for all people. Anne Heilmann explores her personal feelings of winds of varying intensity and opens up a space of reflection on the subject of wind for the recipient.

Jury text by the jurors.

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