International Wind Art in Northern Hesse

3th wind art festival “moving wind” – "Windräume"
Sep. 3th - 17th 2006
Allendorf-Battenberg / Diemelsee-Flechtdorf / Edertal-Hermfurth / Vöhl

"Wind Spaces" are the theme of the 2006 art competition "bewegter wind" (moving wind), which is organised by the district Waldeck-Frankenberg in cooperation with the artist Reta Reinl and Susanna Krobisch, event agency La Fête. The open-air exhibition will take place from 3 to 17 September 2006 in the sweeping landscape of northern Hesse at five particularly windy locations. Art and landscape will be staged together.

Wind spaces are the spaces that the wind creates when it rushes, sings and storms through materials. Wind spaces arise above the landscapes and line up to dance worldwide. Are wind spaces cultural spaces?

At windy places with a view, wind objects and installations attract visitors to new perceptions and discoveries.
The art prize is awarded by the vice president of the Hessian
Landtag Ruth Wagner on 17.9., 18 o'clock in Battenberg in the Burgberghalle.
There will be music and windy delights in the supporting programme.

Exhibition locations:
Diemelsee wickerwork village
The variety, inventiveness and wit of many wind objects made it extremely difficult for the jurors to define the 1st prize winner. With balancing acts in the play of forces with the element wind, distortions of a huge abstract spider's web of black and white twisted wool threads and leather fragments, ringing gold-coloured coins on the finest fabric, a huge perforated wind god that nothing can bend, even at the highest windy level, a multi-armed wind sculpture, which constantly changes its shape in the wind and embraces or beats the mast in a dancing manner, or wind clocks, whose hands go their own ways, are only some of the wind objects, which give an example of natural freedom in a magnificent landscape. They are all worth getting involved with them and to feel the windy element of freedom.

Many thanks to the committed photographers for the wonderful photos:
Jonas Schönfelder / Reta Reinl / von den Künstlerinnen und Künstler //

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Exhibition Locations 2006