The winners of the 7th International Art Competition

The competition theme "between" manifested itself in many different ways during the 7th Wind Art Festival. Already the exhibition venues at the Söhrewald wind farm and on the Schenkelsberg in Kassel-Oberzwehren offered contrasts between cityscapes, forest paths and farsightedness.

The thematic implementation of the almost 60 artists showed in an attractive and differentiated way how the artists' language and working style have taken up the task. It was exactly these small situations "in between" that sometimes made one hold one's breath in order to catch even the slightest wind movement in the work of art. During the tours of the exhibition one could talk about art, weather and the places to which art had lured. One could experience art in Kassel at places that otherwise stand for other themes. Discovering new districts, forest paths and wind aspects are desired side effects. The TalkWalk of the walking researcher Bertram Weisshaar is a permanent offer.

Some works such as the "Windtranslator" by Dimitri Dimov and Lora Azzah, the "Sound of Silence" by Peter Schäck, "Light as the Wind" by Peter Neuberger, "Between Black and White" by Anke Sauer, "Tornado Forms" by Emil Dobriban and "Fresh Relocate" by Vagaram Chouadry have become public favourites. Other works were quieter and more subtle in their effect. Still others invited to action.

The prize jury had to set itself a comprehensive task to determine the winners of this year's 7th art competition. Jury members of the prize jury were
Bernhard Balkenhol, born 1951, studied graphic design and art/visual communication for the teaching profession at the HfbK Kassel from 1970-75 and was an art teacher at a grammar school in Darmstadt for a long time. Since 1988, he has been teaching art didactics at the Kunsthochschule Kassel with a focus on methods of art and the mediation of art. Since 1996 - 2014 he has directed the Kasseler Kunstverein and has curated numerous exhibitions there.
Christof Kalden, born 1961, sculptor
1982-90 Study of theology in Marburg/L
1990-95 Study of sculpture at the Alanus University in Alfter
Member of the Federal Association of Visual Artists (BBK)
Kordula Klose, born 1955
1975 - 1981 Study of metal sculpting at the Academy of Arts Kassel
since 1988 sculptural works for public space
Kordula Klose is a sculptor, lives and works in a former railway station in Calden - Fürstenwald. There she runs a small café, where she also realizes an ambitious cultural program.

The text of the jury's decision after the jury meeting on 28.8.2014

exhibition bewegter wind, theme "between

For the judging of the works of this year's call for entries of the International Art Competition between, the jury, consisting of Bernhard Balkenhol, Christof Kalden, Kordula Klose at the Schenkelsberg site in Oberzwehren, started for a detailed tour. In accordance with the theme between, we set out on a search for the visible, audible, tangible and experienceable in the interactions, developments, movements and intermediate states of art.
Already during the tour we exchanged ideas, especially when objects and places appealed to us.
What struck us was the wide range of media used, from video to steel sculpture, as well as the implementation of the theme.
The locations were mostly well chosen, but at the same time there was only in a few cases a real correspondence or interaction between location and object.
This was successful with Peter Neuberger, whose object "Light as the Wind 5" is stretched between trees in a free space created by wind breakage, with Francis Attard, whose technical-looking work "Feeling Wind" is placed next to the windmill, as well as with Peter Schäck, who spatially linked the forest itself. All the works took up the theme and an individual position was legible. Since none of the implemented works fell outside the thematic framework and therefore the possibility of a special prize for a special but out-of-context work would have remained unused, we decided to distribute the entire prize money among the first three prize winners and would like to give additional commendatory mentions.

Honorable Mentions

we would like to present the work "Wind aktuell" by Wolfgang Heuwinkel, whose idea as well as the implementation convinces with a fresh cheekiness.
We would also like to praise the work of Yu Bogong and Megumi Shimizu "Thales of the Wind".
Here material and location are right, the idea and the realization are coherent and create an impressive space. The wind catchers can be seen wonderfully from Kassel and thus also have a long-distance effect. Interesting about the location is the direct neighbourhood to the work "Windaktuell" where tattered newspapers and the optical filthiness of the place stand in contrast to the light aesthetics of the object "Tales of the Wind".

In all cases we unanimously decided on the following three prize winners.

Anke Sauer received the 3rd prize with the prize money of 500,- Euro for her work "between black and white".

Anke Sauer has created a very present space in a restrained manner with simple means, which is artificial and yet corresponds with the direct surroundings. She has used the space for technical necessities, but the technique of tensioning recedes completely into the background and the delicate material of the threads can move and unfold freely. The space created by the white and black threads absorbs even the slightest breath of wind and is in constant motion. An intermediate space is created, a constantly changing intermediate state, a moving poetic space that enchants and touches the viewer.

Burkhart Uliczka received the 2nd prize, endowed with 1500 ,- Euro, for his work "Zwischen Leben leben leben- Live between live".

In a cleared section of forest not far from the wind turbine, young willow trees unfold as a small artificial protection. The willows are prepared with shimmering, blank metal spheres, in which the forest, the willows themselves but also the viewer is reflected. These spheres are anchored in the willows in such a way that they grow into a unity with the tree and the filigree willow leaves are reflected in the bare outer skin of the spheres, which gives this work a certain magic.
Nature and artificial intervention interweave in this work to form a harmonious unity.

The 1st prize, endowed with 2500,- Euro, is awarded to Hannah Streefkerk for the work "to remember".

This work was convincing in everything. The correspondence with the place and at the same time the clear demarcation as an artificial intervention. Through a density and strong presence, especially without force and spatial interventions.
Like an undertow, the viewer is drawn into a miniature world on the forest floor, where the delicate work unfolds.
With great sensitivity for the material, the leaves are reproduced in the same way as natural leaves and carefully fixed to the forest floor. The workmanship and implementation of the idea of the work is convincing. To conserve the transience as an artistic visualization and thus to poetically tell about remembering has succeeded here convincingly.
Here art was created as an independent answer to nature.
In all three award-winning works, the poetry of the idea as well as the implementation has particularly touched us.

Kordula Klose, Bernhard Balkenhol, Christof Kalden

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