Künstler Dam Dang Lai (mit Mikrofon) und anwesende Künstler reden zur Eröffnung. Foto: Winfried Junker-Schönfelder

Landscape and cloud art

More than 300 visitors at the opening of the "bewegten winds 2018

Zierenberg / Habichtswald. Not a cloud in the sky - but a lot of cloud art between heaven and earth: The opening of the 9th wind art festival "bewegter wind" last Sunday attracted more than 300 visitors to the communities Habichtswald and Zierenberg. In bright sunshine and light wind, curator Reta Reinl and 64 artists from 21 countries presented this year's works to the press, sponsors and visitors. "We are delighted that so many guests took the opportunity to get to know the artists during our opening tour. Because their explanations open up a special access to the works and their backgrounds", reports Reta Reinl. And she adds: "This is particularly worthwhile because our central theme 'clouds' has generated such complex ideas: From childishly naïve cloud gazing to purely meteorological observations to criticism of global environmental policy, there are many aspects to be discovered in cloud art!

Harald Kühlborn from the Kassel district was also enthusiastic: "Whether it is the Alpine Path, Hoher Dörnberg or Katzenstein: the combination of international art in this landscape, which is as diverse as it is unique, is a special experience for locals and guests alike. Britta Hartmann-Barth, director of the Habichtswald Nature Park Centre, emphasises: "We are particularly pleased to welcome newcomers and established artists from all over the world. Their artistic works and their view of the landscape are fascinating. During the construction weeks and also on today's opening day, the artists will be present - and will make the creation of their exhibits tangible at first hand".

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