Regina Carmona

„Refuge, The Placeless Place”



Art Installation Environment

Photo digital printed on fabric, hanging from threads arranged between the trees on green environment. Art subject to wind action.
Wind: The free movement by the action of the winds interfere over the images recreating new images diluted in transparency evoking new forms integrated into the environment.

Installation – 8 photographic printed on fabric 80x150cm (each) Space of approximately 3 square meters.
Art installation, rehearsal by the artist in the middle of an open environment, subject to the action of the winds, of time. An environment made of clay, all covered with clay, with different pots and vases, old terracotta objects used as containers to store grains, seeds, food, water, oils and ashes after death.
The presence of the artist, her posture and the shape of her body make reference to the body integrated with the natural elements, another vessel / refuge container that is the shelter of the “inner abode” - an address that covers life and the perspective of the experience of life intertwined and enclosed in the form of a body, yet subject to the rhythm of the winds – Refuge, the placeless place.


Regina Carmona, artist master in visual poetics, BA and MA at Art University of Sao Paulo, art coordinator and cultural activist, her projects incorporate a field of research and nutrition through art involving her personal path of live and relations with being and nature. Her work mixed media, installation and photography has been internationally featured in solo and collective exhibitions as: Art and Environment at Flona Ipanema forest reserve Brazil; Art Environmet Festival Hame Foundation (Finland). Museum of Contemporary Art from São Paulo; Gallery of Latin American Memorial; Museum of Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Triennial Krakow in Poland and Germany; Ourense Biennial (Spain); Biennial Douro (Portugal); Festival de Mujeres Ars Visibilis Meca at Museum of Almeria (Spain); Global Art fair (Spain); Ambient Exterior Park Umania (Slovack); Assam State Museu, Siddaganga Tumkur Architecture College, Sanskriti Museums (India).
Art graduate (1994) ECA USP - Master's in Visual Poetics (2005) ECA USP - School of Communication and Art of the University of Sao Paulo. CNPq research fellowship. See more:

Regina Carmona has traveled a long way to embark for an artistic synthesis whose concept is linked to the gift, art as food ritual and offering. Her personal pursuit has made her a citizen of the world - a world in which differences are a path to the encounter between individuals, knowledge and sense.
This perception of self or of the other translates into an artistic aesthetic that invites the sharing of feelings and sensations, and that can reach a mystical or epiphanic experience. According to the words of the Italian critic Gaia Bindi: "Carmona stubbornly disturbs its own materiality in favor of universal rhythms and harmonies, pursuing a disidentification to achieve total communion."

Therefore, alterity is also a key word in the work of the artist, who uses various supports as installation, video, photography, other art medium to seek universal concepts. However, although postmodern, its production is not hermetic, which could require a prior conceptual knowledge of the viewer. Because it is organic and universal, it is sensed sensory, providing an effective aesthetic enjoyment of the public.

Ausstellungsorte 2021